March 7 & 8, 2025

Friday 4pm - 10pm
Saturday 12pm -10pm
19+ Only All Day

Hamilton Convention Center

1 Summers Ln,
Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y2

May 13 & 14, 2022
Friday – 12 pm – 10 pm* Saturday – 12 pm – 10 pm*

Vendor Partner Resources

Contract & Important Forms

Join in on the festivities by becoming a vendor partner in Food & Drink Fest. Below is the online registration form. Please complete the form.

For more information on availability or you just want to chat with us to find out more details call 289-885-2337 or email

Special Occasion Permit - Coming Soon
Booth Accessories Rentals Form - Coming Soon
Move in/ Out Information - Coming Soon

Food and beverage samples can be decided on and priced however you see fit. The cost of sample tickets to the public are $2.00 and have a return rate of $1.20 to you

For food vendors, fully equipped kitchens are on site and close by with trained chefs available to produce menu items under your direction.

Beverage Sampling Guidelines for Exhibitors

As an exhibitor you can be held legally liable for the safety and sobriety of your customers. You can lower your liability risks by ensuring that each alcohol sample does not exceed LCBO guidelines. Glasses are all marked with 30ml (1oz) and 60ml (2oz) pour lines measurements – you must not exceed these allowances. LCBO Beverage guidelines for consumer shows:
  • 23% alc. Vol. or greater max. serving 30 ml
  • 7% alc. Vol. to 22% alc. Vol. max. serving 60 ml
  • 6% or less alc. Vol. max. serving 115 ml
  • No free drinks to patrons or staff
Beverage Exhibitors should price their samples accordingly to be sure to break even and to ensure that consumers are not over-drinking. Add the retail cost of beverage, plus 25 cents service charge per sample then divide by the total number of servings per bottle.
Example 1: 
Example 2:


Example 3: